First time I’ve gotten to see a fourth generation Glock in person:


A lot of people don’t like the fish gills.  I don’t have any problem with them.  To me it’s an improvement, as it gives you a better grip on the slide.  The sandpaper like grips I think also work from the point of view that it feels good in your hands, but I’m skeptical about it from a concealment point of view, in that I am concerned that a sandpaper like grip rubbing against my clothes during concealment will destroy my clothes.  I’ve lost more than a few shirts to guns, and while the Glock is easier on clothing than a lot of other pistols, I hope it stays that way with the 4th generation models.

8 Responses to “Glockity”

  1. Dano says:

    See they still have those god awful sights. If I could put knife sights on it (like the sights on a Beretta), I’d probably get one. They are nice firearms, just can’t stand the sights.

  2. Mike123 says:

    Dano, Obama hasn’t banned after-market sights …… yet.

    Pop those cheap plastic nobbies off and put on real sights that work.

  3. Bret Gould says:

    My friend just bought one and after one wearing the new grips are not for concealed carry.

  4. Man At Arms says:

    Good point re: clothing abrasion. Sounds like a small issue, but it really isn’t.

    I just can’t do the fish gills though.

  5. Rob R says:

    I’ve been eyeballing one for a while. I really would to get the 17 with the new frame.

  6. Bitter says:

    Man at Arms,

    No, it’s not a small issue when I then have to drag his butt out to buy new clothes. :) But seriously, it adds up very quickly.

  7. TheGunGeek says:

    I’ve seen, but not fondled, the new style Glocks. Is it just me, or do they have the curve of the gills backwards? It seems like you’d get a whole lot better traction to move the slide back if they went the other way.

  8. Daniel Alan says:

    They’re dope. I’ll be getting one for sure.


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