Going to NRA Banquet

Attendance here is phenomenal. I heard 47,000 people Friday. That on track for a record. I don’t think NRA was expecting that.

We’re about to go to the banquet, which will be the largest single meal served in the history of Arizona. If the Brady Campaign wants to know why they aren’t getting any traction, they should come to Phoenix.

3 thoughts on “Going to NRA Banquet”

  1. sssh… Sebastian…

    Phenominal is not a word. “Phenomenal” is.

    Speakingo of “is” , I think it should be “THat’s on track for a record”, and not what you actually wrote. Feel free to erase this post after you correct the error. Just trying to be helpful here, not calling you out or anything.

  2. Better have a truckload of Depends adult diapers on hand to give out to the Brady Bunch if they do show up in Phoenix. Their PSH will be a sight to see.

    Did they get Robert Irvine (from Dinner Impossible) to cook the dinner?

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