A View of Things to Come?

Over at AR15.com, it looks like the cat may be out of the bag in regards to the big Ruger announcement that’s supposed to be made on Friday:


That would be an AR-15 bolt carrier.  I’m noticing there’s no gas key on this.  Could we catoutofbagbe looking at an oprod based AR-15 instead of direct gas?  No gas vents in the carrier either.  Is it genuine?   Is this fake?   We’ll know on Friday I guess.  But it would appear that Ruger’s big announcement may be that they are entering the AR-15 market.

I will try to get pictures for you in Phoenix, if they are showing it off.

15 thoughts on “A View of Things to Come?”

  1. No gas key. No gas vents. No forward-assist teeth.

    Now, I’m no AR-genius – I just finished putting together my first one, truth be told – but isn’t a piston/op-rod AR essentially … an AK? Or a Mini-14? I understand the bolt lock-up is different, but a rotating-bolt, gas-piston operated rifle … first thing coming to mind is “John C. Garand” (PBUH)…

  2. Yeah… consider me unexcited. Given that Ruger’s past “redesigns” amounted to nothing more than new materials on old designs, and given how Ruger is having to deal with some pretty substantial recalls… *shrug* Late to the party, and a questionable past history. W00t?

  3. A oprod system isn’t new for the AR platform. There are several available.

    I’ve been generally unimpressed with my Ruger firearms. I don’t think I’d buy their version of an AR-15.

  4. I’ve owned 3 Ruger arms in my life, my very first .357 was a Security Six, a great pistol, had NO trouble with it at all…

    I had 2 Mini-14’s years back, a stainless and a blue, both were pretty good shooters, but I haven’t shot a Ruger in years.

    Not being a fan of the AR, in ANY configuration, well, I guess I’ll have to rely on you guys for the review here…

  5. Tam, it would be highly revolutionary if someone made a piston AR that ran better than a DI AR!

    I would not put money on Ruger being that someone, however.

  6. I have a dream that Ruger will co-oped the 1911 Magazine for their .45s…

    Then come out with a PC45. (ala the camp carbine.)

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