Major Gun Control Announcement from Bloomberg

I think I have to agree with Jacob on Bloomberg’s announcement that there’s going to be an announcement:

Whatever the announcement, you can count it it be obnoxious and totally useless at enhancing public safety.

We’ll see what it is in the morning.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s in regards to background checks. If I had to guess, I’m going to suggest he’s going to require drug screening to buy a gun if you’ve ever had a drug conviction.

6 thoughts on “Major Gun Control Announcement from Bloomberg”

  1. Whatever it is, the timing is intended to play off the State of the Union speech. Either to influence what is said or, if Obama doesn’t say anything about gun control, to contrast with it.

  2. Less likely, it could be about Sen. Boxer’s proposed bill to force a “may-issue” system on the many states.

    But yeah, he’s been going on about mental health and drug-use screening, so I’ll go with that prediction (even though Gene’s is possible).

    We should organize a wager system in which gun folks bet on where the gun control movement goes next … winner keeps half, and donates other half to their second amendment group of choice. He he …

  3. Now the timing has me wondering if this will be publicly announced at the State of the Union address by the President.


    Getting my pen ready for some letter writing. We can not afford to be complacent. We have to stay on the offensive and keep the truth out there. Removing emotion from the subject weakens it. The FACTS are are friend.

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