Sad Day for My Alma Mater

Drexel’s President has died.   This isn’t a good day for the school.  Papadakis took over when I was a Junior, and in the intervening years turned the school from a regional engineering school into a nationally recognized university.  Drexel added a medical school and law school under his watch.  What he did with the school was incredible, and I suspect he’s irreplaceable.

4 thoughts on “Sad Day for My Alma Mater”

  1. Papadakis certainly did much to grow the university. Running it like a business proved to be very successful. I think that it’s also fair to say that a Drexel degree is worth more now than when he came to the university.

  2. He saved, then grew the University. A lot of students and tenured faculty gave him crap for his “education is business” comment, but he HAD to think like that. If he doesn’t instill that philosophy, the University goes under.

    While I think he’ll be difficult to replace, I think that Drexel’s Dean becomes an attractive post due to Papadakis’ hard work in increasing the school’s national reputation. If the school takes its time and does due diligence, it will find the right person for the job.

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