When Did It Turn July?

I’m sitting here in my house, in Pennsylvania, in late April, and am sweltering.  Global warming is killing us all!  The high today topped at 93.  Since I’ve lost a few trees, I’m finding my house not as well insulated as I originally thought.  Upstairs was getting close to the outside temperature, where my house used to stay pretty cool.   That’s disappointing.

It’s way too early to start thinking about getting the AC units in the windows (I don’t have central air, but my house is small enough that a few window units accomplish the same thing), but it feels like friggin July.  In fact, even July isn’t usually this hot.  I guess it’s good acclimation for Phoenix, assuming we’re not all dropping dead of Mexican Swine Flu by then.

3 thoughts on “When Did It Turn July?”

  1. We half-seriously joked about cancelling our offer on a house w/o AC after the weather on Sunday.

  2. Phoenix was had a high of 84 yesterday. It did top 101 about a week ago, but overall, it’s been a cool spring.

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