Gun Nut Taxonomy

Tam, coming off her great analysis of the ammunition shortage, follows up with a taxonomy of gun nuts.  I’m mostly a “Gamer” and a little bit of “Trainer” and “Collector”.  Probably a bit more collector than trainer.

I have guns I don’t have ammunition for, so those are pretty much pure collector pieces.  But that’s pretty much just my taste, I have no discipline in my collecting.  For instance, I have a Russian capture Mauser from 1938, with the German markings ground off, from the J.P. Sauer and Sohn factory in Suhl.  Money wise, it will never fetch a fair prize, but it shoots well enough.  I like having it.  It’s a piece of history.  Its owner was likely captured or killed by the Russians.  Either way, it’s not likely that its owner ever set eyes on the Fatherland again.

3 thoughts on “Gun Nut Taxonomy”

  1. I had to come to terms with my inner collector when I found myself actually agonizing over whether to convert my Swiss Vetterli to centerfire or not…

    I mean, if I did, then I could shoot it… but it wouldn’t be original anymore.

  2. Mostly a hunter, but also a “I was told I don’t NEED that” too.

    That is a category Tam overlooked. I suspect there are a lot of us out there.

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