One Way GOA Could Make Itself Useful

It seems pretty clear that Obama is willing to push a treaty that would appear to require extensive licensing in order to participate in many shooting activities, including reloading and home building, as well as requiring the United States to share such licensing information with the Mexican Government.

While it would hardly be fair to call John Tester and Brian Schweitzer of Montana anti-gun, after all, Schweitzer just signed a bill that’s a pretty bold midle finger to the federal gun control regime.  But the fact is that Obama is the change Tester and Schweitzer told Montanans to vote for:

“I heard him tell us in Montana that he is not going to take our guns away,” the governor said.

The Obama campaign disputed Cox’s comments, saying the candidate has been honest about his position on guns.

“The NRA is wrong to suggest we are misleading anybody,” said campaign spokesman Caleb Weaver, adding “gun owners have nothing to fear from Barack Obama.”


And now for Tester:

U.S. Sen. Jon Tester says Barack Obama is regular guy who is no threat to gun owners. Tester said Thursday that he spoke with Obama “straight up” on the gun issue. The senator says his fellow Democrat understands the issue much better than he used to.

Now we know how Barack Obama understands this issue, and Tester and Schweitzer were both dead wrong to try to pull the wool over the eyes of Montanans about Obama.  No one who took a serious look at Obama’s record could come to the conclusion that he was “no threat to gun owners.”

NRA is not going to call either of them to account for it, because it wouldn’t be smart politics.  Tester will vote the right way in the Senate, and Schweitzer will sign pro-gun bills.  But I can’t really stomach the thought of those two getting off easy for helping bring us to this point with President Obama.  I know Tester will vote against CIFTA in the Senate, and I appreciate that.  Gun owners should appreciate that too.  But if groups like GOA want to do something that would be useful, generating a little embarrassment over their support of Obama during the campaign would be in order.

Gun owners in Montana should be reminded that Schweitzer and Tester campaigned hard for Obama in Montana, and deliberately tried to cover up for his anti-gun record.  Now Obama has made his positions clear, and gun owners in Montana should make their position clear to the Governor and Senator Tester: we don’t like being lied to.  GOA would be the perfect vehicle for helping send such a message.  But will they?

5 thoughts on “One Way GOA Could Make Itself Useful”

  1. Does holding elected office endow the holder some sort of extra sensitive BS meter that us regular folks don’t have?

    I’m ready at the drop of a hat to criticize any politician, even those whom I cannot vote for/against, but let’s be a bit fair here. I don’t believe that Candidate Obama said one thing on camera and another when glad-handing folks in the ‘smoke filled rooms’ that you cannot smoke in anymore.

    They’re just two more of the millions of folks who got hoodwinked and are finally waking up with a splitting headache and a mysterious taste in their mouth…..

  2. Peter, the BS is still flowing thick. Many of us weren’t fooled and we spoke up and were called paranoid. Are still called paranoid.

  3. Peter:

    Anyone who looked at his record, his associates, or read the things Obama had written, knew what he was. It was willful blindness at best. At worst it was deliberate duplicity.

  4. Sebastian & Melancton,

    I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you, I’m pointing out that these, um, individuals probably got lied to by Candidate Obama just like the rest of us.
    That they didn’t exercise some due diligence first as befits someone with their kind of media access has earned them whatever we all can throw at them.

    Perhaps I’m making an unneeded distinction between ‘useful idiot’ and ‘evil political genius’ here.

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