Ed Rendell is Nuts

Fast Eddie took to the airwaves to call all gun owners who own semi-automatic rifles “nuts.”  If you own one of these firearms, you also hate police.  The anchors of CNBC didn’t challenge him on anything at all, they agreed that there’s no reason at not to ban guns.

Ed Rendell says these guns have zero purpose because you wouldn’t use a black rifle in a duck blind.  (Actually, Governor, if that is your new standard, no American could own anything other than a shotgun.)  The “fact” that they have no purpose might come as a surprise to all of these people.

Eddie also seems to have missed out on the latest talking points – he’s about three months behind. The argument that NRA is worthless was only the popular meme after the election up until Inauguration Day. After that, the NRA suddenly became so powerful that even Dianne Feinstein is afraid to introduce a gun ban.

UPDATE: From the comments:

So the police have need of weapons whose only purpose is to kill and to maim? Has “To kill and maim” replaced “To protect and serve”?


14 thoughts on “Ed Rendell is Nuts”

  1. Heh… what a tool.

    “Assault weapons are difficult to operate, they jam easily…”

    So, lets make sure we give these unreliable and difficult to operate guns to the military and police.

    “…they’re ineffective…”

    Of course, this is also after he states that the AK47 round is so powerful it went through a police car.

    “Listen to our police…”

    Yeah, lets start with keeping the criminals in prison, can we start with that?

    At least he admits that there is 0 chance that he can get this passed in PA (although vigilance is key!)

  2. Hmm.

    “These weapons have one purpose … They’re to kill and to maim.”

    Followed by:

    “…they shouldn’t be in the hands of anyone else but the police and the military.”

    So the police have need of weapons whose only purpose is to kill and to maim? Has “To kill and maim” replaced “To protect and serve”?

  3. That is about as big of lying piece of shit as I have EVER heard, WOW!!! How do we combat idiots like this? The media gives him all the time he wants.

  4. I like how he can’t even seem to keep his own facts straight. “Assault weapons” are “difficult to use” and “jam” regularly, yet some thug used one to shoot “a hundred rounds” at the police in “a short period of time”. He claims that “seventy percent” of the country supports an assault weapons ban, but that it’s also a “divisive and emotional issue”.

    If he’s not a liar, he’s at least real tool.

  5. You need to get rid of that ass in the next election. Also when Glen Beck was mentioned I bet heads wanted to explode.

  6. How do people like this get in positions of power? He ought to be selling shoes, at best.

  7. Semiautos jam often and are of no use for defense?

    Yep … he’s nuts. Certifiably so.

  8. On second thought …

    Nearly all the rabidly anti-2A politicians are running away from gun control (at least publically). If Rendell’s term is up next year, that can only be the reason he’s coming out so strong against the 2A.

  9. Fired the Gov off a nice letter inviting him to attend a Service Rifle Competition. Bet I never hear a word in return.

  10. I watched Ed Rendell on Meet the Press this morning and PA is in trouble if he gets in as Governor again. This guy must have a constant head ache as his head spends alot of time up his butt.

    I should know as I live in New Jersey :-(

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