I’d Be Surprised if this is True

The Hill is claiming the NRA endorsement for Montana’s Senate seat is up in the air. It will be Tester against Denny Rehberg. Tester should generally benefit from NRA’s incumbent friendly endorsement policy, even though Rehberg has a very pro-gun record in the House. The only thing I could see complicating things for Tester is that he voted to confirm Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan. Other than that, I would be surprised if Tester doesn’t get the endorsement, unless NRA is looking to send a strong message to Senators that votes for Court nominees that don’t support the Second Amendment won’t be tolerated. I would agree with that course of action, because I don’t think there’s anything more important that Senators can vote on right now than Court appointments.

7 thoughts on “I’d Be Surprised if this is True”

  1. It was made clear in advance that the Supreme Court votes would score highly.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see no endorsement of either candidate, kind of like with Reid.

  2. “Tester is that he voted to confirm Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan”

    This right there is why he will lose the NRA endorsement.

  3. They need to junk their “incumbent friendly” policy. There is no reason to get involved in a race when two candidates have solid pro-gun records.

  4. In spite of an otherwise excellet pro-gun record Harry Reid did not get the NRA endorsement in the 2010 senate election in Nevada because of his support for Obama’s nominees.

  5. The NRA is not too keen on the whole medial marijuana thing.

    I on the other hand as a NRA Patron Member and Libertarian have no probem with it.

    Senator Tester has been quite vocal in supporting the rights of Montana citizens to bear arms and smoke medical marijuana.

    It is my opinion that the NRA needs to embrace the Libertarians, Volunterists, Free Staters, Ron Paul and Gary Johnson suporters.

    As Penn Jillette has been known to say there are 2 types of Libertarians. Gun Libertarians and drug Libertarians and if we could get them to trust each other we could elect a Libertarian President.

    Delegation blasts federal gun-marijuana memo

    Tester slams new Justice Department gun policy

    Letter to Eric Holder supporting the gun rights of medical marijuana users

  6. After the passage of HR822, I bugged both Tester and Baucus to introduce or co-sponsor a Senate version. Baucus came back with a pretty wishy-washy statement about supporting gun rights. Tester was much more clearly pro-gun. Neither actually said they’d sponsor a bill. I also thanked Rehberg for his support of the bill (he voted yes, I checked). I disagree with Rehberg on a number of other issues but most importantly, the patriot act and the national ID cards. I’m really hoping a third candidate enters the race cause I’m planning on voting the non-incumbent ticket this fall and neither Tester nor Rehberg really qualifies. Tester could probably get my vote if he gets national reciprocity through the Senate.

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