NRA Desperate for Cash?

This looks like typical NRA fundraising to me, which as any member can tell you, they do frequently, even in good times.  I would have hoped that Washington Monthly would do a bit of research into how NRA is structured, but I guess that’s asking too much.

First, it’s NRA’s PAC that spent 15 million dollars.  NRA itself can’t legally spend money on electioneering, so NRA-PVF, which is supported entirely through monies donated by membership.  NRA-PVF can’t use funds NRA raises from membership dues, through extra fundraising, and it definitly can’t draw money from NRA’s endowment (which is part of the NRA Foundation, a different part of NRA).  It is established entirely to do electioneering, and must have seperate cash sources from NRA proper.

Now, it’s true that PVF needs to refill its warchest in time for the 2010 midterms, but that’s a separate issue from how NRA as a whole is doing.  It’s also expected.  I didn’t donate money to PVF this election cycle so they would sit on it.  I donated it with the expectation that they’d spend it, and spend it they did.

Plus, my understanding is that NRA is actually doing pretty well right now.  You might think with the news being rich with stories about gun sales being through the roof in anticipation of coming restrictions on gun rights under the new Congress and Administration, that people might also be thinking that maybe it’s time to join (or rejoin) the NRA.  I’m planning on upgrading to an endowment member, myself.  NRA is offering steep discounts until January 20th.

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5 thoughts on “NRA Desperate for Cash?”

  1. The number of first-time memberships are going up as well. A friend of mine approached me after the election wanting to know how to join the NRA and get a CCW. He’s done both now.

    Politics is a great motivator.

  2. I’ve been a life member since I was in college in the mid 60s and a couple of years ago upgraded to endowment membership taking advantage of a special offer. Also signed up a couple of family members to life membership. Now the NRA is offering an upgrade to Patron membership at a reduced rate. Since my original life membership was a total of $100 (paid in $20 dollar bites for 5 years) I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth. That’s why I feel somewhat obliged and am planning to upgrade now. I view it as a donation to help pay my way. I would urge other life members to do the same to help support the NRA

  3. NRA-$15 million

    Obama- 3/4 of a BILLION dollars (enough to pay for all the medical care of illegal aliens in Texas for a year. (look it up)

    Not to mention the origin of the donations to each group….

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