Post-Gazette Promoting a Double Standard

The Pittsburg Post-Gazette can’t seem to resist:

The person accused of the crimes, [redacted], appears to be another archetype loser who was all about rights but not responsibilities and whose mind had been poisoned by drinking deep of irrational anti-government conspiracies and gospels of hate.

His mind was poisoned, you see.  He can’t be made to take any responsibility for his own actions.  Someone else planted the seed of murder in his head, even though staunch gun rights supporters think murdering police officers is wrong, and won’t shed a tear for this guy when the state sticks a needle in his arm.

But I suppose I could buy the Post-Gazette’s assertion that it’s an “irrational anti-government conspiracy”, you know, about taking our firearms, if it weren’t for later in the article:

But there will be time enough to consider how lunatic it is that an AK-47 assault rifle can find its way into the hands of a seething fool, to weigh the culpability of politicians who resist sensible limits on guns and to take to task the radio talk show hosts who foment evil by banging drums of hatred.

Are they so blind that they don’t see the contradiction in what they just pointed out?  You argue it’s an irrational conspiracy, and then go argue exactly the position that cause us to speak out in favor of our Second Amendment rights.

If the Post is going to argue that we, the gun rights community, are responsible for feeding the delusions of maniacs when we decry gun control, they also have to accept their responsibility by feeding the same delusions when they exploit a tragedy to make public proclamations in favor of it.  If any of us are responsible, we’re both responsible.  To argue otherwise is to say we are not free to advocate for our position, while the Post-Gazette is free to advocate for theirs.  That’s not what free speech is about.

11 thoughts on “Post-Gazette Promoting a Double Standard”

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  2. There is a post at Random Nuclear Strikes that claims this creep was also a stormfront poster.

    So … if the BATFE can’t take firearms from a neo-nazi loon and prohibited person, then of what use are they?

  3. Hey Kristopher, those gun shop owners who make a handful of minor typographical errors on their books won’t run themselves out of business.

  4. The liberal socialist politicians can take some blame for this. If they would stop threatening to take peoples rights and means of self defense away this guy may have not went off.

  5. Al: The creep was a neo-nazi. ANYTHING could have set him off. A black US President getting elected would be more than enough by itself.

    For an added bonus: His age ( mid to late twenties ) is when schizophrenics who are going to go fully delusional do so.

  6. Kristopher while it may be true anything could have set him off he since he was quoted saying “They’re not going to take my second amendment rights form me”. It’s safe to say it was the liberal, elitist socialist democrats pushing their stupid anti-freedom, anti-gun agenda. Remember government only exists to protect peoples rights and nothing else.

  7. I don’t think the left can be blamed for this any more than the right can. He was an emotionally disturbed loser. I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. Yes, it would be nice if the far left didn’t feed people paranoid delusions by advocating making their delusions reality, and it would be nice if the far right didn’t feed them by suggesting civil war is coming any day now…. but the only person who is responsible for this is the killer.

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