Small Victory for PA Gun Clubs that Serve Food

SB 828, the bill to exempt non-profit, home preparation of certain foods from inspection requirements, has passed the House and Senate and is on its way to Governor Rendell for signature. It’s being reported in the Beaver County Times, but it does exempt Sportsman’s clubs in the bill specifically, in addition to any 501(c)(3).

My club shut down its kitchen a long time ago because of the problem of public health inspection. Clubs similarly situated should be able to reopen without running afoul of state law, or having to undergo licensing and public health inspection. It was is rather silly to require this anyway. It’s a private club, not a commercial kitchen, and most gun cubs do not operate kitchens for profit, but rather for convenience.

UPDATE: Looking at the bill a bit further, the exception is fairly limited. It only applies to food made in private homes, and then only foods not deemed potentially hazardous. I was hoping this was a broader exemption, but it would appear to not apply to club kitchens. But it does exempt food made at home, provided they are not potentially hazardous. If you look at the definition for “potentially hazardous,” it’s a relatively simple definition involving charts and tables.

So this really doesn’t exempt much. But there are at least some foods that would be exempt, like baked goods. I’ve altered the title to reflect reality. Sorry for jumping the gun on this one. Originally this bill was much better than it ended up.