Civilization in Detroit at an End

If you live in Detroit, the time to leave is now:

[A Story Once Appeared Here About a Man Who Hunt and Sold Raccoons, but it is from a newspaper working with the scum of the earth I will no longer link to.]

You’re eating racoons.  It’s over Detroit.  Life is better in other places, like Camden, New Jersey.  Or perhaps I can suggest a fine town like Oakland, California.

Hat tip to Eric of Classical Values.

UPDATE: Watch the video.  I think the “Coon Man” is my new hero.  I admire people who can capitalize on tragedy.  Also, check out this post about how nature is reclaiming Detroit.

9 thoughts on “Civilization in Detroit at an End”

  1. Now that man is a real American. And I’d argue that Detroit never really was civilized. And damn if he doesn’t play a mean blues song. Salude to you Mr. Coon Man!

  2. Reminds me of the scene in (spit) M. Moore’s “Roger and Me” when we see the sign offering rabbits for ‘pets or food’…

  3. Seem like the old traditional ways to survive are coming back in vogue in the cities. That Coon Man is rural as can be. Hunting dogs and blues singing and coon barbecue Per Eric’s post he sell it to southerners since the like coon. Reminds me of a bayou man.

    A hunter and trapper will never starve in America and that Coon man is proving that to be true. But notice he is an old man and no youngins are learning the trade.

  4. Probably because Coon Man moved from the South to Detroit to work in the auto industry, and all the youngins are moving back to the South to work in the auto industry :)

  5. Living close to Camden I WISH Camden was turning into Detroit. Unfortunately instead of Raccoons in Camden the Giant Swamp Rats would take over.

  6. Actually ‘coon is a delicacy among in Texas. It goes on the smoker like brisket.

  7. I think I’m more scared of the idea of eating raccoon that was native to Detroit than I am with the idea of eating raccoon :)

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