Home Improvement: You’re Going to Jail

All of you who have given us advice or thoughts on lighting – yeah, pack your bags and open your wallets.  In many states, you could risk jailtime or fines for taking on the task of interior design without state certification.

It was a trap, and you all fell for it!

Kidding, of course. I just saw this video while composing my last lighting post yesterday and thought I would share. It’s absurd. Good for Reason for highlighting this crap.

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement: You’re Going to Jail”

  1. Virtually all forms of licensing are a scam to one degree or another. I honestly see no reason why someone should be forced to attend expensive schools to cut hair, give me a massage, or do body waxing. Some people need a school to learn a subject and some can learn on their own.

    Anything more than a brief test to ensure you do actually understand how poor performance of your job can spread disease is bullshit.

  2. Well, thinking as a Liberal, perhaps some designers of hideous monstrosities and gross mistatements of bad taste *should* go to jail…? To one extent that’s why we have CC&R’s at our complex, to measure and define the boundaries.

  3. Favorite quote:

    “I always thought the government was there to protect me.”

    Welcome to the NEW America!

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