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New gun blog to me, and it looks like he’s a pretty excellent photographer. We also have the ladies of the Swiss Army. My German is a bit rusty, but it’s refreshing to see the Swiss speak of the right to bear arms in the same way we do:

Nur eine bewaffnete und waffentaugliche Zivilbevölkerung ist eine Garantie gegen staatliche Tyrannei.

Meaning “Only an armed people is a guarantee against state tyranny.”

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  1. Thanks a lot for linking. Switzerland’s one of the last European countries to have a proper gun culture. It is threatened though: Never underestimate the power of political correctness and the Nanny state. Regards, K.

  2. persiflage says:

    Got to love the Swiss and their quirky independence (me especially, since my grandfather’s people came from the vicinity of Bern). I bet those folks know all about our 2nd Amendment, and how it’s “…eine Garantie gegen staatliche Tyrannei.”

  3. Achilles says:

    My German is beyond rusty, but I think you left out an important part of the translation: “waffentaugliche.” Translated rustily, I think it means “arms-fit.” In other words, this blogger recognizes that owning a gun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Yes… I wasn’t sure of that word. I guess the translation would be “well regulated” :)

  5. cavalri says:

    The web translator I have quotes it as “Only a weapons-armed and civilian population is a guarantee against state tyranny.”

  6. It is true that “waffentauglich” basically means capable of using a weapon or being arms-fit. I am working on it, I actively encourage people to buy arms and to train their use. For instance, in two weeks, my sister-in-law will take her first practical pistol course! Today I will give her the gun safety and theory lesson :-)


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