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New gun blog to me, and it looks like he’s a pretty excellent photographer. We also have the ladies of the Swiss Army. My German is a bit rusty, but it’s refreshing to see the Swiss speak of the right to bear arms in the same way we do:

Nur eine bewaffnete und waffentaugliche Zivilbevölkerung ist eine Garantie gegen staatliche Tyrannei.

Meaning “Only an armed people is a guarantee against state tyranny.”

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  1. Thanks a lot for linking. Switzerland’s one of the last European countries to have a proper gun culture. It is threatened though: Never underestimate the power of political correctness and the Nanny state. Regards, K.

  2. Got to love the Swiss and their quirky independence (me especially, since my grandfather’s people came from the vicinity of Bern). I bet those folks know all about our 2nd Amendment, and how it’s “…eine Garantie gegen staatliche Tyrannei.”

  3. My German is beyond rusty, but I think you left out an important part of the translation: “waffentaugliche.” Translated rustily, I think it means “arms-fit.” In other words, this blogger recognizes that owning a gun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.

  4. The web translator I have quotes it as “Only a weapons-armed and civilian population is a guarantee against state tyranny.”

  5. It is true that “waffentauglich” basically means capable of using a weapon or being arms-fit. I am working on it, I actively encourage people to buy arms and to train their use. For instance, in two weeks, my sister-in-law will take her first practical pistol course! Today I will give her the gun safety and theory lesson :-)

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