Die Einführung von Amadeus

Amadeus ist mein Lieblings Katze.


Bitte entschuldigen Sie mich, mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.  Ich liebe Amadus, aber er ist ein sehr schlechtes Katze.  Er genießt zerstören Rollen Toilettenpapier, und wachte er mich in der Morgendämmerung.  Amadeus hat nicht mit mir lebte für mehrere Jahre.  Er gehört zu einer ehemaligen Freundin.  Bitter is allergisch auf Katzen, so kann ich immer einen im Haus mehr.  Wie traurig.

5 Responses to “Die Einführung von Amadeus”

  1. Whitebread says:

    I freaking hate the internet on April Fool’s day.

  2. Minstrel says:

    Per Babel Fish:

    Please excuse me, my German are not good. I love Amadus, but it is a very bad cat. It enjoys destroys roles Toilettenpapier, and was awake it me in the dawn. Amadeus does not have with me lived for several years. It belongs to a former friend. Bitterly is allergisch on cats, then I can do always one in the house more. As sad.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Translations services mostly make a mess. Of course, so do I. So it could be mistakes on the part of either.

  4. Minstrel says:

    Yep, Babel messes most everything up, as far as I can tell. I thought it was funny, though.

    I took only 2 years of high-school German and it was so long ago, that I remember practically nothing. It was fun trying to read your cat stories, albeit frustrating.

  5. Bitter says:

    Google’s translator is much better, in my experience. It even got former girlfriend instead of just “friend” like Babel Fish.