What’s In a Name?

Some folks have asked Eugene Volokh how he picked the name of his blog, and whether he’d choose it again if he could have a do-over.  So the same question, I would most decidedly answer I would choose a different name.  I gave very little thought to the name of my blog when I got started.  Lately I made a change that tried to tie the name of the blog together with the blog’s tagline, but I’m not sure I’m liking it.

If you had to come up with a tagline for Snowflakes in Hell, what would it be?  Preferably, it would tie the name of the blog in with the topic, but I have to admit I’ve been thinking about going to a slight variation of what it used to be which is “Gun Politics in Pennsylvania and the Nation.” with no attempt to tie the name into anything.

14 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?”

  1. I’m pretty happy with the name of my blog. I thought about it for quite a while before I actually decided to pull the pin and start blogging, and I knew what the focus was going to be from the beginning. Actually, I was a little surprised that the name was available.

  2. Actually, I like the Snowflakes in Hell name. It is memorable, and there are some benefits to not tying your name to directly to the purpose, as the name doesn’t limit the topics. The one problem I see with the current tag line is that you are saying “Because It’ll Be a Cold Day in Hell Before We Surrender the Second Amendment,” right after implying that it is a cold day in Hell. Not sure how to work the two together, though.

  3. I don’t think that you are implying that it already is a cold day in hell. I also don’t see the need for any angst over the name. It is perfectly suitable for what you are doing and, so far, what I have read here. Leave it alone. You are already established so don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

  4. “A rose by any other name….”

    It was a link from Bitter who sent me here in the first place. But it’s the content that keeps me coming back.

  5. I think the name is very appropriate. Snowflakes alludes to the frailty of mere humans, and the constant assault from the enemies of freedom is a certain kind of hell. Makes sense to me.

  6. I like the name. I believe it is very appropriate for what is being discussed here. Maybe you can change it too “it would be easier to shovel your way out of a Pennsylvania snow storm than take our guns” lol ok just kidding..that is lame.

    But seriously. I like the name. My fiance asked me what blog I was reading and I told her the name and she said “is it named that because it will be a cold day in hell before they take everybody’s guns?”. She hit the nail on the head.


  7. If you’re not digging the title/tag line nexus why not do away with a tagline altogether? You’re well known enough in the proper circles, certainly. Put a short description of the blog’s purpose at the top of the side banner for newbies and those who just stumble in, and if/as the scope of the blog moves in new directions it’s a simple matter to edit the description. Brand yourself.

    Snowflakes in Hell…

    ‘Nuff said.

  8. Mark me down as “me too” for liking the current name. I miss the South Park Satan logo, though–that was memorable.

  9. I am not convinced a tag variation of “Gun Politics in Pennsylvania and the Nation” would be true to your blog. What you are writing about is the ethical and moral position of firearms. Your blog carries weight beyond the tool, however. You talk about other topics, such as the eating their young Libertarian Party, which are related to firearms, but only in the general sense.

    You are a critical thinker, and that is in short supply. How about something like: “Ethics and Morality: Righteous Analytics in the Modern World”.

  10. I love the name, I think the blue is a bit too light. I’d go with a darker icy theme ala Baldur’s Gate ice caverns.

    But as soon as I knew it was a gun blog, I understood the relation. It’ll be a cold day in hell before they pry my gun from my hands. It’s about our rights….

    So I’d keep it…just update the color schema a bit.

    Googled an image of Baldur’s Gate’s ice caverns to give you an idea of the color scheme.

  11. Snowflakes in Hell – water for the Devil’s daisycutter. ;-)
    Since I haven’t been out on a dirtbike in a year I have misgivings about my own alter-ego and the blog.

  12. I think the name and tagline are great. I even like the color scheme. I likely found your blog from Joe Huffman’s and right now your blogs are the only two gun blogs I read regularly via RSS. I read your and Joe’s blogs for the same reasons: first for the great content, and secondly for the home state connection. You both live on the opposite ends of where I live in the two states I call home.

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