Self-Destruction From the Other Side

It’s a great relief that when the anti-gun folks actually do show a little grass roots, they are just as self-destructive as we can be.  State Representative Eddie Washington, in Illinois, took a walk on an important gun control measure, because he thought it gave too much to the gun rights community.  Their reaction?

With a small group of protesters standing outside his downtown office, Washington told the News-Sun he didn’t vote in favor of House Bill 48 last Wednesday because he didn’t agree with all parts of the bill.

Washington voted “present” on the bill, which failed by a 60 to 55 margin. The bill called for background checks for private firearm sales, though it also featured a number of exemptions, which Washington said he didn’t fully support.

Washington has a history of supporting anti-violence legislation, including helping to secure funding to restore the Cease Fire group.

This guy is one of your best friends, and you’re going to target him because he took a walk on one bill and is holding out for more?  It gets even nuttier:

She believes he, along with two other black legislators — Rep. Chuck Jackson, Rockford, and Rep. Eddie Lee Jackson, East St. Louis — didn’t vote for the bill because of influence and contributions from the National Rifle Association.

Bishop’s group contends that a $3,000 donation last summer from International Union of Operating Engineer’s Local 150 led to Washington’s indecision, citing the group’s has conservative members and its leaders ties to NRA.

If Vandermyde got them to walk, bravo my good man.  But I think it’s a safe bet that these legislators aren’t much in the way of influenced by NRA.  Jennifer Bishop should be reluctant to turn on friends over one vote, after a history of supporting their cause.  What grass roots army are you going to use to defeat him?  What happens when he keeps his seat?  Do you think he won’t be a little pissed you turned on him so quickly?

I’ve seen activists on our side sour good relationships over less, so I’m happy to see these kinds of self-destructive tendencies aren’t just limited to gun rights supporters.

3 thoughts on “Self-Destruction From the Other Side”

  1. I am going to call Bishop and encourage – demand – her to ostracize Washington. After all, if they can’t get 100% support, what good are those NRA LACKEYS? ;)

    -Jdude, the self destruction encourager

  2. The NRA and ISRA in Illinois do actively lobby members of the “black caucus” and Chicago legislators, especially in the suburbs. I agree they probably didn’t get Rep. Washington this time, but they’ve had a lot of success. The other side doesn’t seem to be sure what’s happening, and they know deep in their bones that black Democrats couldn’t POSSIBLY vote against gun control, because all black people are the same except for black people who aren’t “authentically” black.

    And thus they grow desperate and shrill.

  3. You will have to excuse me for being the wet blanket, but I find myself having a difficult time taking comfort in the knowledge that we are just as bad as they are…

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