30 Caliber Terror

Won’t someone think of Babar the Elephant?  VPC Warns us about the 30 caliber menace.

5 Responses to “30 Caliber Terror”

  1. Crotalus says:

    What th…

    If that article isn’t farce, I’ll eat my hat. The VPC doesn’t really believe that, do they? And do they expect US to believe it?

  2. Steve W says:

    It’s a fun little satire site. I like their “9mm terror” link, “.223 terror,” etc.

    My favorite line out of this blog:

    “Read about it in our next report: “Vest Busters II: 7.62 Boogaloo.”

    And of course the previous post comparing Mary McFate to Hitler.

  3. Bitter says:

    Crotalus, take a look at the site a little more closely. It’s been a pretty popular gun satire site for a while now. Look at the blogroll and how many pro-gun blogs they link to.

  4. Crotalus says:

    Ahhh. Got it, Bitter.

  5. B Smith says:

    I particularly enjoyed the “innocent German tanks” bit, heh.