Home Improvement: The Weather Delay Edition

So much for that weather delay.  Or, if this is what weather delay progress means, bring it on Mother Nature.

It was rather unexpected to be stirred this morning sometime after 7am by people destroying things in the backyard.  Fortunately for us, those people were our concrete guys and the destroyed items were the remaining pieces of concrete that previously supported the beams to hold up the roof.  I thought they would stop there.

By the time Sebastian left, they were putting in the frame.  Awesome.  By noon, they finished the holes for the pilings, hauling in the gravel and getting everything set up for the next step.  I assume the next time we see the workers will probably be on Monday if the schedule holds up.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvement: The Weather Delay Edition”

  1. Heh. The backyard is where we normally have grass, too! I was noticing how mucky the entire yard was given how little rain had just because of all the extra dirt lying around that quickly turned to mud.

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