Preparing for the Apocalypse

I don’t see how Larry Pratt can sell himself as an expert on dealing with the Apocalypse if he doesn’t plan to talk about how to confront the eventual zombie menace.  I mean, the elephant in the living room isn’t it?  At least how to deal with zombies would be tangentially related to gun rights.  What good is saving your 401k or IRA from planned confiscation if something has eaten your brain?

13 thoughts on “Preparing for the Apocalypse”

  1. Pratt is playing to the black helicopter/tinfoil hat brigade in hopes of sucking more money out of their pockets. HINT: GOA is NOT about “gun rights”. It is about “Pratt’s pockets” and what lines them.

  2. I’m not talking about preparedness. I’m talking about the folks that can wax eloquent on the dangers of going to a Justice of the Peace office because the flag has a fringe on it and thus is really an “admiralty” court and thus loyal to only the Queen/Pope/etc. Or “truthers”.

  3. According to Wikipedia (and other sources):

    Pratt has founded a variety of organizations, including English First, Gun Owners of America,, U.S. Border Control, and Committee to Protect the Family. . .Pratt also helped found and served as secretary of the Council for Inter-American Security, which was founded in 1976. . .Pratt has served as a board member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, founded by Paul Weyrich. . .Larry Pratt has also been listed as a member of the Council for National Policy (CNP). . .

    It is worth knowing, though. that GOA was actually founded by former California state senator H. L. “Bill” Richardson, who pretty much pulls the strings that all GOA employees dance on. It is alleged that c. 1976 he told a Christian gathering, “It doesn’t matter what we organize people to do, as long as we get them organized. . .” I have always wondered why it didn’t matter to him, and how that reflects on his organization(s).

  4. Microbalrog:

    H.L. Richardson is a former California state senator, and founder of GOA, which I believe is organized so that he in fact holds all the cards, all the time.

    I would suggest Googling two things: “H.L. Richardson” (and make sure what comes up is about the former CA state senator) and “Council for National Policy” or “CNP.” Apply a little judgment to the credibility of the sources you will find, as far as “spin” is concerned, but most of the facts regarding associations, etc., can be cross-referenced.

    Richardson is widely identified as a “Christian Reconstructionist.” To generalize, Reconstructionists believe the United States should be governed by the Bible first and the constitution only to the extent it adheres to the Bible. (You are probably tempted to ask “By whose/which sect’s interpretation?) Some wags observe how similar that is to the Taliban belief in sharia law.

  5. Best be careful there Sebastian, unless you’re licensed to practice medicine in your state.

  6. QUAK! QUAK! Gee, maybe this QUAK! is a QUAK! Or maybe his “forefathers” were worried about the polio virus making them communists or flouride making them communists or not believeing in jesus. Or maybe they were playing on the emotions of families scarred by horrendous medical situation with autistic, retarded or ill children. Sick fucks that play on peoples emotions and sad situations to make MONEY for themselves.

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