MSNBC Hit Piece on Guns

MSNBC ran a hit piece on guns and kids over the weekend.  I think we’re supposed to be horrified.  In this hit piece, we see a kid shooting a machine gun, or rather, two adults holding a machine gun while the kid pulls the trigger.  Unlike what happened in Massachusetts, this is how to do it safely.  Then we see an interview with a 12 year old girl who has an AK-47 that’s really an AR-15.   No attempt is made at all to explain why you might introduce children to shooting.  That is left up to the viewers, which is entirely the point, to present scary images to the uninitiated without presenting any context.

My favorite line?

“Seven year old Teresa has an AR-15: an air-cooled, semi-automatic, shoulder-mounted rifle that is currently used by the U.S. special forces in Iraq.”

No, no, we’re not playing up irrelevant and meaningless terminology, some of which is not even factually correct, at all.  Just enjoy our freak show, and be scared for the children.

14 thoughts on “MSNBC Hit Piece on Guns”

  1. Well, the ad that popped up when I tried to view that site was for toilet paper.

    Apropos for such pants shitting hysterics!

    I, for one, am horrified that our troops are given semi-automatic copies of the types of weapons they’re supposed to have!

  2. I wonder if she actually corrected his total ignorance on the AK47 comment, and they just conviently edited that out of it?

  3. O.M.G.!!!! That was funny and frightening, all at the same time! Funny, because of the glaring idiocy (deliberate disinformation, perhaps?) of the “authorized journalist”, and frightening, because so many sheeple will believe it, and the Bradys will clamor for more anti-gun laws.

    JamesLee, I think you’re on to something there. These people do a lot of biased editing.

    It sure warmed my heart to see these kids learning about and enjoying guns safely.

  4. There is nothing wrong with the adult-supervised activity….

    This is the same way my father trained me as a children surrounded by other police officers and their children.

    Some of my best memories at out at the range with my dad passing down the tradition.

  5. Hrm. I want to know where I can get a water-cooled, manual, butt-mounted rifle. MSNBC seems to imply such things exist. Maybe one of those 90000000 gun stores along the US-Mexico border has one.

  6. Am I the only one that read that quote at the bottom and had it sound like the guy from future weapons in their head?

  7. OK, so now “shoulder-mounted” rifles need to be banned???

    I’m confused.

    I always thought it was those super-violent “spray-fire from the hip” rifles that we had to be worried about.

    Or, does this have something to do with banning barrel shrouds (the “shoulder thing that goes up”).

  8. Hint: all matter inside Earth’s atmosphere is air-cooled except for matter which has been cooled to a lower temperature than the air around it.



    (Seriously, are they implying that a water-filled cooling jacket makes a gun more, or less, evil? Of course, that question implies they actually know the first thing about the subject upon which they are writing…)

  10. So that’s what Carolyn McCarthy was talking about when she said, “the shoulder thing that goes up”. Apparently the whole gun is a shoulder thing.

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