Sausage Making Lessons with NRA

Though NRA has still chosen to not update their Annual Meeting website with information that’s been out for days or weeks by mail and email (hint, hint NRA tech team), I received an email from Bitchy Mom with the NRA official session schedule in it.

This year, the highlight may well be the Advanced Sausage Processing Techniques session.

Yes, you can learn how to make sausage with the best of them – whoever the best of them are… And in the Grassroots Seminar, you’ll get an in-depth session on politics and lawmaking.

Hmmm…I guess since these are two things you typically don’t want to see, it’s probably not going to convince you other blogger to come to Blog Bash.

2 thoughts on “Sausage Making Lessons with NRA”

  1. Speak for yourself, but I think the Advanced Sausage making class might be the session I am most looking forward to attending.

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