Inquirer Article on One-Gun-A-Month

The Inqurer tells the story of the one-gun-a-month fight over in New Jersey:

The Feb. 23 vote left gun-control groups vowing to put a spotlight on opponents in both parties.

“There’s little doubt that the people who voted ‘no’ and those who abstained found the blandishments of the gun lobby more persuasive than the safety of the citizens of New Jersey,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of CeaseFire NJ. “Our partners and colleagues will have to do a very public campaign and identify who those persuaded by the gun lobby are. . . . They’ll find out from their constituents that they’re on the wrong side of this issue.”

Gun owners in New Jersey need to do everything they can to make sure those that voted with us don’t suffer any for it.  Lend your support, send your money, volunteer.  Gun owners are badly outnumbered by non-gun owners in New Jersey, but that doesn’t matter if you can make yourself a sought after and valuable constituency.

“The idea that people can walk into a gun store and buy enough for an arsenal doesn’t make any sense,” Corzine said. “I hope we’ll have further discussion and review of it. I think it’s an important step forward.”

Corzine is an idiot and a liar.  There’s no one who can just walk into a gun shop and buy a gun in New Jersey.  It requires going to the police and seeking a permit to purchase, which can take months for them to issue, and requires a 13 point FBI background check, fingerprinting, anal probe. Well, OK, not anal probe, but close.

[Madden] said he received 27 e-mails on the gun bill, and every one supported his stance.

This is why we’re winning on this issue, and Bryan Miller is losing.

Montclair State University political scientist Brigid Harrison said the vote was unlikely to hurt people who oppose the bill. Few New Jersey voters, she said, make Election Day decisions based on gun control. The ones who do are the ones who oppose new regulations.

“There is a very vocal and very passionate contingency for whom gun issues are very important and they base their votes exclusively on this issue,” Harrison said. “In some legislative districts, they are very politically savvy.”

New Jersey gun owners are certainly getting there.  The first step is to stop them, the next is to roll them back.  The GOP in New Jersey is starting to understand they’ve severely under-served this constituency, and have not been able to capitalize on the discontent of gun owners with the gun laws there.  The door is being open in Trenton, just a little.  I sincerely hope gun owners in New Jersey are willing to open it up and walk through it.

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  1. “The idea that people can walk into a gun store and buy enough for an arsenal doesn’t make any sense,” Corzine said. “I hope we’ll have further discussion and review of it. I think it’s an important step forward.”

    The idea that hoplophobes like governor seatbelt and Bozo the Clown’s long-lost twin, Cryan Miller, can walk up to any leftist reporter and get their anti-gun hyperbole published as breaking news doesn’t make any sense, either.

    The idea that being a street gang leader or even just a gang member in New Jersey is not a crime in and of itself also doesn’t make any sense, but liberals like Corzine and Miller never say there should be a law on such things, do they? They just keep talking instead about how New Jersey needs more “common sense” gun laws, that is, to top off all the other gun laws and other laws that gang members already break in this state on a daily basis.

  2. Why is it only Philly newspapers print Miller’s ramblings?

    Nice to see how Miller always refers to the *Gun Lobby* as opposed to constituents calling their Rep’s.

  3. “Why is it only Philly newspapers print Miller’s ramblings?”

    Cemetery, this is probably because Bozo the gun-grabber lives close to Philly and works there too. Well, he might still work there, I don’t really know for sure, but he once posed for some picture the Inquirer published as he sat at his desk in some office of his in Center City. It was for some puff piece that rag did about him and his struggle for “common sense” gun laws, aka law-abiding citizen disarmament.

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