Mexico Roundup

Since Obama’s Administration advocates curtailing the constitutional rights of Americans because Mexico can’t control their border, or get their criminal cartels under control, I thought it would be useful to round up some of the news on the topic.

From the New York Times today:

The gun laws in the United States allow the sale of multiple military-style rifles to American citizens without reporting the sales to the government, and the Mexicans search relatively few cars and trucks going south across their border.

Sorry, but that’s just not true.  I can show you the form you’re supposed to use to report it.  Multiple sales are reported to the government.  No wonder the NYT are bankrupt. Justin points out in the comments it’s for handguns.  I didn’t register the rifles part.  I’d dock myself a day of pay if I got paid to do this :)

Once again, from the paper of making up the record.

Officials in Arizona this week said a gun battle last November in Nogales, Sonora, just across the border in Mexico, left the police there running out of ammunition. A top police official was also killed there that month one day after attending a cross-border law enforcement conference in Tucson, while Ciudad Juárez, just across from El Paso, has emerged as one of that country’s bloodiest towns.

Maybe the Mexican police haven’t been attending enough US gun shows.  From the sounds of media articles, you can apparently buy all the grenades, rockets, mines, and mortars you could need!

5 thoughts on “Mexico Roundup”

  1. Multiple sales are reported to the government.

    I’m 99.9% sure that it’s only multiple handgun sales that are reported.

  2. Ah yes, the Mexican cartels are smuggling semi-auto rifles (complete with evil bayonet lugs) in from the U.S. when they have easy, virtually unlimited access to full-auto guns, grenades, RPG’s you name it.

  3. There is no justification for betraying the Constitution by infringing the right of the people to keep and bear militia arms. How utterly egregious to do so because some other country is reaping the consequences of decades of their own tyranny and corruption. To disarm our militia, i.e., our people, at the very time they are being threatened by an army of drug runners just across our border is as stupid as it is treasonous and unconstitutional. Time to buy more guns and ammo!

  4. ***Mexicans search relatively few cars and trucks going south across their border***

    Man, I WALKED into Mexico, straight passed their Border Guards, and nobody said Boo to me. I coulda had a boat load of guns on me to sell, and financed my trip.

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