Not a Moment Too Soon

Oklahoma Democrat, Dan Boren, is forming a Second Amendment Task Force in The House, which “will be charged with monitoring legislation regarding the Second Amendment during the 111th Congress.”  Jason Altmire, from the Pennsylvania delegation, is also in the group.

The group is bipartisan.  Might be a wise idea to contact your Congress Critter and ask him to join Boren’s task force.  This sends a message to the Administration and Pelosi that this is not an issue to bring up in the 111th Congress.

One thought on “Not a Moment Too Soon”

  1. I saw this post in my RSS reader and starting typing a letter to my congressman. I was half way through with it when I decided to click on the link. Well my Congressman (Travis Childers) is already a member of the task force. Now I have to redo my letter and thank him for joining.

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