How Philadelphia’s Media Treats Guns

In a stark contrast to the last post from Central Pennsylvania, we have this bit of pant shitting hysterics from our local media market here in Philly:

It’s an unrelenting plague, and its agent of death is – guns.

And the horrifying fact is that more guns than ever are being purchased in this country as uneasy people arm themselves in fear: Fear of a reversal of gun rights under President Obama. Fear for their safety in an economy that drives people to desperation.

Sure, I know: many are legal guns, bought by responsible gun owners who don’t kill people, blah blah blah.

But my math is simple: The more guns in circulation, the more that find their way to the dregs of society who casually assassinate cops.

And there are more guns in circulation than ever.

I challenge Ms. Porter to look at the cop killer’s criminal record, and tell me the problem is with guns.  This guy committed dozens of violations of this commonwealth’s gun laws, and didn’t receive so much as a slap on the wrist for it.  You want to do an article that will make a difference, Ms. Porter?  Talk about this.  The problem is not guns, it’s a disastrously broken criminal justice system in Philadelphia.  Jill Porter is doing the citizens of Philadelphia a disservice by focusing the blame on inaminate objects rather than the violent thugs that are being allowed to roam the streets with impunity.

4 thoughts on “How Philadelphia’s Media Treats Guns”

  1. Here’s another line from Ms. Porter’s screed on the recent surge on gun purchases:

    “The number of new gun purchases is potentially far more than that: a customer could buy multiple weapons. And many of the guns sold at gun shows don’t require background checks.”

    Notice that Ms. Porter offers no evidence to support her claim on this. This is just another attempt to revive that tired “gun show loophole” canard from someone who believes that guns are the root of the problem, rather than “the dregs of society”. (Why can’t she just call them repeat violent offenders like the rest of us?)

  2. If some of you down there in philly would drown that rag with letters to the editor, just possibly one might make it into print and expose this sham.
    I’m not good at it and I do believe a letter from the far north would just be ignored.

  3. She doesn’t have to offer facts. It an opinion piece. Now the fact that she doesn’t shows the worth of her opinion…zilch. Oh and the agent of death is the goblin using the gun.

  4. I sent her an email from the far north. I know she could care less about us rednecks up here but I had to do it after reading that garbage.

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