Summary of Brady Case Against Park Carry

For those of you looking for a quicker, less lengthy analysis without all the legal mumbo jumbo, let me briefly summarize the Brady pleadings in this case:

Whaaa!  You didn’t listen to us!  Whaaah!  We submitted all those comments and you dismissed them *sniffle*.  National Parks are going to go from a place where children can frolick and play to a place where they are cut down by gunfire on a regular basis because these concealed weapons license holders are dangerous people *whimper*.  Why doesn’t anyone listen to us anymore?  We tell you the parks will run red with blood and you ignore us?  We tell you that you need to prepare an EIS to tell everyone how many children a day will be cut down by the environmental menace that concealed carry clearly is, and you claim some petty exemption.

Well, no more big Mr. Meany Kempthorne!  We’re going to sue you!  That’s right.  We’re going to MAKE you listen to us.  We’ll make sure that neither you, or any future Secretary of Interior can ever ignore the needs of the children by allowing concealed weapons in National Parks, EVER.  Then you’ll see we’re important!  Then you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to us!

Yeah, that’s basically the gist of it.

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  1. Ok, now that is just some funny stuff, on top of being totally accurate. Petulant little children, with delusions of grandeur… maybe one day they will grow up.

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