Letter to Kirsten Gillibrand

The following will be sent to Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate office.  It doesn’t look like they have e-mail set up just yet:

The Honorable Kirsten Gillibrand
531 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington D.C. 2051

Dear Senator Gillibrand,

While I am not a constituent of yours, I am am a pro-Second Amendment activist and volunteer here in Pennsylvania.  Because of your record in support of the Second Amendment, I have donated to your campaign and, through my networks, have encouraged others to donate as well.

I was disappointed to see in an interview with News 4 New York that you may have indicated you are softening your support for measures that we consider to be vital for strengthening the Second Amendment, namely the ATF Reform bill that was introduced in the 110th Congress and which you co-sponsored in the House.

I understand that you are under a tremendous amount of pressure right now, both from your own party, from the downstate New York media, to abandon your support for the Second Amendment.  While I understand the difficulty this causes for you, consider the difficulty for activists, such as myself, who have publicly asked hunters and shooters to get behind your candidacy in 2010.  I sincerely hope that when push comes to shove, you will stand with us and oppose new gun control measures in the Senate.


[Someone You’ll Never Get a Dime From Again If You Double Cross Me.]

OK, so I signed my real name instead, but that’s basically the point.  Remember the influence heirarchy.  If you are a constituent of hers, send a letter now. Especially if you donated, send a letter, and be sure you mention that.  Even if you’re not a constituent, or didn’t donate, send her something promising you’ll do whatever you can to support her re-election if she votes with us.

The other side is twisting the hell out of her left arm.  We must twist her right.  The basic message needs to be that we know you supported us in the past, and we hope and expect you will continue to do so.  She needs to understand there will be rewards for support, namely in money and vote delivery.

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  1. Hope you haven’t sent it yet. *puts on editor’s hat* Change “I have donated your ” to “I have donated *to* your”. :)

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