What a Craptacular Day

Well, any day when one of your trees falls on your neighbor’s house has got to be pretty bad.  Sorry for the lack of posts today, as I was in meetings all day, while simultaneously trying to give Bitter instructions on what to do about the tree.

Seems that a tree falling in a wind storm is considered an Act of God, and the only way you’re liable for it is if someone can prove negligence, like the tree was clearly troubled, and you refused to do anything about it.   I had my trees trimmed just last year, because I was concerned about dumping branches on my neighbors.

So because it’s an Act of God, my neighbors are actually responsible for filing their own claim with their homeowners for damage to their house.  Fortunately, there was very little damage to their house.  I think they will have to replace a few roof shingles, and maybe some of the capping on the garage.  The removal of the tree is going to be on me, and I’m going to tend to the damage to their fence which divides our property.

I’ll be honest though, I feel horrible that one of my trees fell on their house.  No guilt a good stiff drink can’t deal with though.  Tonight is a bourbon night, maybe two.  Indoor Silhouette was earlier tonight.  Did pretty well on rifle: a 39.  But tonight was special.  For Valentine’s Day, we taped up some heart shape lollipops to shoot at.  If you hit a lollipop, it was worth 5 animals, but you had to sacrifice an animal for every attempt at the lolly.  I hit one, so it boosted my score, but I probably would have had a 36 without it, since I was hitting the animals pretty well compared to usual.  Shooting with pistol was not as good.  A few months ago, 23 would have been good, but I’ve been getting into the high 20s more often lately, so 23 is back down to where I was at the beginning of the season.  I’m still surprised by how easy it is to psychologically defeat yourself.  Started out with hitting 8 pigs.  Keep that up, it’s a 32, which is decent for me.  Bombed turkeys, big time, only 3.  Got 6 of each of the remaining two animals.  If you worry about missing, it seems you’ll miss.  I do better when I’m just enjoying being on the range.  I do worse when I worry about how I’m doing.

4 thoughts on “What a Craptacular Day”

  1. Lotta trees falling in the state, ground’s soft from the snowmelt and rain, and the wind’s just taking them down. Someone at work had some trees go down on their property too here in northeast PA.

  2. I can see the Onion headline…

    “Sebastian in a storm of rage fires tree at neighbor’s house!”

    Man, that does suck….hopefully it all gets worked out and the various insurance companies cover the costs.

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