Joyce Kilmer can Bite Me

I’m sure my tree surgeon has never seen a poem as lovely as a tree either, considering it’s going to cost me $1050.00 to have the fallen branch removed from my lovely red maple tree, have all the other limbs cut away from the wires (seven of my trees are impinging the utility wires), and one of my sweetgum trees is nearly dead, and has to be removed. I have another sweetgum tree right across the driveway, just in case I miss having monkey balls all over in the fall.

Last month I had three of the trees on my property trimmed for $800. They did a good job. Of those trees, I lost not a twig off them in the bad storm. I was debating on whether to have them take the sweetgum tree down now, or have them do it later. Doing it now will be cheaper. Tree surgeons seem to charge a base price just for coming out with all their gear and equipment, so I figure if I’m going to have them out, I might as well have him set me up so I don’t have to worry about my trees again for quite some time.

But damn, think of the rifle I could have bought with the $1850 bucks I’ve spend on tree surgery this year? I’m not buying another property with 12 trees on it. It’s either going to have only a few trees, or so many trees I don’t have to care!

3 thoughts on “Joyce Kilmer can Bite Me”

  1. My trees number in the thousands. Three have given me trouble. Two fell across my pond during a storm, Both about 60 to 70 feet tall.and after I had finally cut all the downed trees off my fence from an ice storm. Not all of those were my trees but it was my fence. and a native pecan in my backyard drops limbs like a balding man loses hair. I will trim it myself this fall. Cost, the amount of gasoline I use in my saw and whatever my doctor charges me for being an idiot.

    My wife looks out and says I just “love” our trees, don’t you? I immediately get a hankering for the Great Plains.

  2. I prefer to do things myself, but I leave trees to the pros. If I drop a branch on my house, then I have to deal with it. If I do it on my neighbor’s house, car, or fence, double plus un-good. The way I see it, I’m paying the tree surgeon to borrow his liability insurance.

  3. Did I live in town or have close neighbors I might view it the same way. However, I can only see one neighbor from my place and I have to work at that.

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