Back Challengers Early

This site argues that the time to start backing challengers in the 2010 election is now:

Early funding also has a snowball effect — since people usually don’t want to throw their money away, they’ll generally only support a candidate who seems to have a chance to win. Before insurgent candidates can get much outside attention, they have to hit a threshold of support that indicates that they’re a serious contender. They have to have enough of SOMETHING — money, polling numbers or on-the-ground organization — to convince outsiders to get involved. And without resources and expertise available early, many candidates who might actually have a shot if given a chance never quite hit the mark. A handful of paid staff, or even just ONE paid staffer, can create the relationships and the organization that a campaign needs to prove viability, while also getting the structure in place to actually take real advantage of any money that floods in at the last minute.

I agree with this completely.  Read the whole thing.  Unfortunately, I don’t get the impression the GOP in my district is floating a challenger to Murphy yet.  Hopefully they won’t wait until it’s too late.

3 thoughts on “Back Challengers Early”

  1. The EMILY part of EMILY’s List is “Early money is like yeast.”

    I think you’re completely correct here.

  2. And the site referenced is actually a left-leaning site, so I think their movement is much more aware of the benefit of early demonstrated financial support than our grassroots. At least they appear to have embraced that philosophy much more readily than our side.

  3. “he who has the most money wins”

    Obama, close to 3/4 of a billion bucks, wasn’t it?
    ZERO experience.
    ZERO qualifications.
    ZERO history of supporting rights.
    SHITLOAD of cash.

    Yeah, I think the left has it figured out. Take all money out of the campaign. NO cash, you want to do something go door to door or pay out of pocket. It’d be no different then it is now except I wouldn’t have to hear lies for 4 years before an election on the radio and TV and news.

    That’s all it is anymore. Name recognition, cash in the war chest, and how well they read a teleprompter. Just make it a reality show and be done with it already.

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