Schmoozing With the Triangle of Death

I had a productive second day.  Bloggers are being treated very well, and very seriously by NRA.  The Public Policy meeting spent a lot of time in executive committee, so I spent a lot of time outside.  I talked a bit with Amy Lovato, who is Jeff Cooper’s granddaughter, while we were locked out of the meeting.  Also got to talk a bit with a new NRA member that Sandy Froman invited along as a guest; hopefully soon to be Professor Lee.  He seemed to have some interest in reaching out to the Asian community, and starting a campus shooting club when he ended up getting hired as a professor.   People who are that enthusiastic about the issue are always an asset, as are people who wear Springfield XDs under their suit jacket :)

Lunch table today was Congressman Bob Barr, who was seated away from me, unfortunatly, so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him much.  I also managed to speak with Timothy Pawol, who is one of the Pennsylvania board members.  You really can’t get two Pennsylvania gun guys together without the subject of Ed Rendell being a shit come up, and for good reason.   We talked about the recent PICS shutdown, which is making me more convinced I need to look into that issue in greater depth.   It was a good contact to make.

I would encourage any NRA member who doubts the organization’s commitment to the cause, or thinks they are selling us out to come to an annual meeting, or a board meeting, and sit in, and talk to some of the people who do this stuff.  The NRA is not perfect.  They are a large organization that can’t be turned on a dime, and there’s no such things as perfection in politics.  But the people in the NRA, both board and staff, give up a lot of their time and money for the cause.  I don’t think anyone would do this if they weren’t committed.

2 Responses to “Schmoozing With the Triangle of Death”

  1. Alcibiades McZombie says:

    I think Koreans are bigger supporters of the RKBA, or at least I suspect it, given that many serve in the armed forces.

  2. jimmyb says:

    I’ve liked Barr ever since the Waco hearings…


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