9 thoughts on “New Jersey is Going Down the Crapper …”

  1. I have a hunch but I think The Democrats in that state are trying run as many conservatives out of that state as possible. What a total crap-hole that state has become! Pretty soon the Jackson Whites are going to defect to Delaware!

  2. I regularly listen to WPHT 1210 AM – “The Big Talker”. This is where I’ve been hearing paid announcements from Steve Lonegan, who is hoping to unseat governor seat belt when he runs for re-election in November. Lonegan has actually mentioned his support for our gun rights in his announcements – something that I have yet to hear from Chris Christie, the presumptive front-runner for the Republican primary this Spring. This is why I am really hoping that Steve Lonegan wins the primary, or at least gets a position in Christie’s administration if anything else. The bottom line is that seat belt Corzine has to go.

  3. Governor seat belt used the occasion of his signing into law a provision which increases the penalties for illegally possessing a machine gun as a moment to demand a one-gun-a-month law from New Jersey legislators.

    How’s that for absurdity – calling for one feel-good anti-gun law while endorsing another equivalent feel-good anti-gun law?

    I feel so much safer knowing that illegal-machine-gun-possessors in New Jersey will now get slightly longer prison sentences. (It used to be a maximum of 5 years; now it’s 10.) It’s about time too, since it’s common knowledge in New Jersey that every criminal and gang member in this state has a custom-built and select-fire Armalite AR-10, just like the one Tony Soprano got for his 47th birthday from his brother-in-law Bobby Bacala, during the final season of the HBO original series, “The Sopranos”.

    If anybody believes what I just said about that whole AR-10/Tony Soprano thing, I also have some oceanfront property in Kansas which I can offer to you for a very reasonable price.

  4. You know, NVfJ, since you live there, and this is headline news, why not do a letter to the editor to your local paper? Relevant talking points that I would suggest have little do with gun rights, but rather, why is Corzine going after an issue that’s largely irrelevant (making illegal guns more illegal) rather than addressing real issues like NJ’s out-of-control budget and the economy?

    Just a thought…

    If you need tips, just ask.

  5. Hey Bitter,

    I have written some letters to the editor of my local newspaper in the past. The last one I wrote actually was exclusively on the fallacy of gun control. I wrote this particular letter after the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. In this letter, I pointed out that there had been two separate news stories, of violent crimes committed with firearms in two separate firearms-prohibitive nations, on the same day that the newspaper also had had a story about how the Brady Bunch was calling for new gun laws in Virginia and nationwide.

    I actually had to edit my letter for brevity when a member of the editorial staff called me after I first submitted it for publication. She told me that I would have to come to the newspaper’s office and pose for a picture if I wanted my letter to be published in its entirety. She explained to me that this was because my letter was said by the editor to be lengthy enough that he would have to publish it as a guest contributor column instead, and this would also require my picture to be published in the byline. I ultimately decided that I did not want publicity such as this, so I rewrote my whole letter at about half the length of the original, and then submitted it before the deadline for that week.

    So, an abridged version of my letter regarding my pro-gun views actually did get published the next day. I felt that my arguments and talking points were quite succinct and irrefutable.

    No other direct rebuttal letters to my own opinion were published in the weeks and months afterward as far as I am aware of, not even from the editorial staff, and not even from these two other frequent letter-to-the-editor-writers, an apparent husband and wife team of sorts, and ones whom I had taken notice of previously. (Their previous letters had all expressed viewpoints which I would say were in perfect agreement with the most ardent of liberal/hoplophobes/communists.)

    What did disappoint me though was that there were no other letters to the editor published soon afterward which voiced any agreement therewith, nor support for, the viewpoints of my own letter. I guess that’s just a testament to the readership of this newspaper – there might not perhaps be all that many supporters of the Second Amendment among them. It’s either that, or they’re just indifferent. In any case, it’s somewhat discouraging to me.

  6. A LTE should never be more than 200 words long, 250 if you think they are feeling generous.

    Few people feel they can write a letter, so they don’t. Don’t be discouraged by your experience. In fact, because it’s been so long, but they were willing to run your letter – at one point as a commentary piece – you will likely be chosen again.

    Look at it this way, this presser was part of a media campaign benefiting Bryan Miller. Don’t let him win easily.

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