More One Gun a Month Trouble in New Jersey

People are starting to figure out just how smelly of a turd this law is.  Corzine is promising his commission will do their best to polish it, though.  Fred Madden doesn’t seem that worried.  I still wonder what Corzine bought him off with.

I agree with Cemetery it’s rather surprising this wasn’t picked up by NRA or ANJRPC, but anyone who’s ever tried to decipher New Jersey’s gun laws knows how complicated and convoluted they are.  Evan Nappen is one of the few real experts out there on the subject.

9 Responses to “More One Gun a Month Trouble in New Jersey”

  1. redwagon says:

    Corzine’s task force is complete BS which everyone knew that it would be. One report in a couple of weeks, another in October and one in 2011?

    Madden is getting hammered by phone calls and letters. He is doing his best at damage control and didn’t expect the backlash he is recieving. Last senate election he won by only 50 votes.

    Unfortunately, unpopular Paul Moriarty who voted in favor of the bill in the assembly, may be the first head on the block when the Assembly is up for election this fall.

  2. Bitter says:

    Uh, NRA & ANJRPC? While I agree that it would have been a wise point to make in their alerts, where was NSSF in making this point? I didn’t see anything dealer-specific from them, so did I just miss it? Aren’t they the industry association?

  3. redwagon says:

    The New Jersey Association of Firearms Retailers (NJAFR) president is Bob Viden owner of Bob’s Little Sport Shop in Glassboro. Bob is also on the NRA board of directors.

    Do you think he would have gotten business owners together on this issue?

  4. Sebastian says:


    I’m pretty sure that Bob Viden was pretty heavily involved in opposition to this bill. Bob has always been a great resource in the fight in New Jersey.

  5. redwagon says:

    Seb wrote,
    “I’m pretty sure that Bob Viden was pretty heavily involved in opposition to this bill.”

    With his credentials, would you assume he’d have a working relationship with the legislators in his district? Let’s say an assemblyperson or senator would at least recognize him at an event? If he was heavily involved could we assume that?

  6. Bitter says:

    Yes, he is known. And he did oppose this bill. I’ve always heard from gun owners in the area that they could always go to his shop and the latest information would always be available. I’ve never heard complaints about Bob’s activism at all. And, from what I understand, he is very well in touch with his local legislators. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee you victory. It merely improves your chances.

    Since you aren’t familiar with Mr. Viden’s political activities, perhaps joining ANJRPC would assist in that understanding. In most of our copies of the newsletters, he writes a political column. ANJRPC could use the additional resources to fight these fights.

  7. redwagon says:

    I thought it was odd that when I introduced Bob to Assemblyman Moriarty this past May, the two-term assemblyman didn’t know who he was at all.

    In fact it was the first time the two had ever met despite the shop and office being only 15 minutes apart and Moriarty being his assemblyman.

  8. Sebastian says:

    That’s interesting redwagon. Bob is not among the board members I know personally, but I’ve never heard anything bad about the guy. But I have to admit that surprises me.

    • Bitter says:

      It’s also contrary to everything I’ve ever heard about him from his own customers and regulars at his shop.