Other Sovereignty Bills

There are other states that have been considering telling the feds to back off, much like New Hampshire, which we talked about a few days ago.

There may be others out there too.  I think these are healthy for federalism, but for now they are mostly gestures.  The problem with doing this for real would be the fact that many states suckle at the federal teat.  As long as that’s the case, I don’t see any states actually giving the feds the middle finger.

13 thoughts on “Other Sovereignty Bills”

  1. I like the text of New Hampshire’s bill the best. It’s too bad I live in New York, our state government doesn’t have the fortitude for a declaration of this nature.

  2. Good to see both my home state (which is a Federal teat sucker of epic proportions) and my adopted state on that list.

  3. You’ll know the states are getting serious when those bills begin to include keeping what would be federal money inside the state; federal gas tax would be the first item on the list. Until then it’s just empty gestures.

  4. They do indeed suckle at the Federal teat. However, someday some bright statie might realize that if the state took the tax revenue that’s going off to DC, they could spend it themselves. Rather than the chump change from Congress, they’d get the whole durn thing.

    When that happens, things get interesting. It’s never about the principle, it’s about the money.

  5. If the feds pass a national sales tax, they will have to collect it. The feds can’t force a state to administer a federal program. They’d either have to collect it themselves, or give the states an incentive to collect it for then, but they can’t force the states to collect it for them.

  6. XD-TKE

    Texas has ALWAYS been a sovereign state. Guess it showed its cojones a long long time ago!

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