“I forgot my diaper, and I have to pee.”

Norm Pattis has something out of the strange files, having questioned the low bail amount set for Lisa Marie Nowak, the Astronaut that stands accused of attempted murder and kidnapping.  He managed to get a hold of the transcript:

Court:  Ms. Nowak, you understand that you are required to appear in court for preliminary hearings and can be orderd rearrested if you fail to appear?

Ms. Nowak: Yes.

Court:  The state is recommending a $1 million bond, but I think that is too high.

Ms. Nowak:  I forgot my diaper, and I have to pee.

Court:  One minute. Do you promise to appear as ordered?

Ms. Nowak: Yes.

Court:  OK. Bond set at $25,000. Ms. Nowak is not to leave the planet.

Man, talk about weird.  I don’t know if any of you read Crime and Federalism, but Norm and Mike both post some good stuff.  Some of it is a bit esoteric for us non-lawyer types, but I’ve always enjoyed reading their blog.

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