Gun Show Bill in Virginia is a No Go

Word is that the bill to regulate all sales at gun shows in Virginia has been defeated for a second time in the Virginia Senate.  This is useful for everyone, because passage of this bill in Virginia might have given legs to a national effort to do the same.

UPDATE: It occurs to me that I should say “further regulate” because it’s not like there’s any such thing as an unregulated gun sale these days.

2 thoughts on “Gun Show Bill in Virginia is a No Go”

  1. Actually, in most states, private party sales are completely unregulated, as long as you stay below the magic four guns bought and sold a year level. In theory, this could be a problem. In practice, private party sales at gun shows don’t seem to produce a measureable problem. But I wouldn’t say that there are no unregulated gun sales.

  2. True Clayton, but you still may not sell a gun privately to someone who lives outside of your state, or to a person you know to be prohibited from possessing a firearm. So in that sense, the sales are still regulated, the onus is just on your to comply.

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