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I should point out that it was not me that commented on Michael Steele, but Bitter, who turned her blog into a food blog.  Up until an hour ago, she was guest posting here on gun and political topics.  If people are going to attack my positions, they should probably check first to make sure it’s really my position.  But it’s not to worry now, because Bitter has better things to do than dealing with nastiness on the blogosphere, which is why she’s food blogging now in the first place.

That said, I agree with her take on Steele.  For those who were so quick to condemn me for what Bitter said, I was backing Ken Blackwell, even though I wasn’t happy with some of the crap he was spewing.  The job of the RNC chairman is to raise money for the party, administer its functions, and formulate plans for the party’s reconstruction.  They do not set party policy.  That is done by a platform committee.  If Steele can help make up the massive fundraising deficit the Democrats have over the GOP, and get the GOP house in order, then he’s fine by me. I don’t really care what he does or doesn’t have in his closet, or what positions he took when he was running in a majority Democrat district in Maryland.  RNC chair isn’t about that, and I agree with Bitter that he might bring some new thinking to the table that will help the GOP in 2010.

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  1. I’m not put out by the selection of Steele as Chairman, for exactly the reasons you list as job responsibilities. Sure, I’d like a candidate/party chairman/representative/senator/president who thinks exactly as I do on all issues, but as I’m not either in those jobs nor running for them, that in all probability won’t happen.

    The Chairman’s job is a publicist – gain publicity (and donations), get the Party “out there” into the public eye (and generate donations), make pronouncement about “what the other guy is doing is wrong” (thus get those that agree to donate)…. you see a theme? For that, Steele may be right for the role in that he may be very good at that. Or not – but positions as Candidate Steele don’t necessarily reflect actions as Party Chair Steele.

  2. There must be something deep inside human beings that makes “burn heretics” the first order of business when they gather in groups. I suspect that it’s either original sin – or human nature, depending on how you define the terms – or believe in the concept.

    Furthermore, it’s hard to read the rhetoric and venom and not be reminded of the People’s Front of Judea.

  3. Backing Blackwell? I must have missed that. I’m not jumping into the fight here, but I am surprised, given that you’re the sympathetic to third party type, and Blackwell’s underhanded attempts to keep third parties off the ballot in Ohio.

    And that’s all I’ll say about him, because I have nothing good to say.

  4. rightwingprof:

    I would classify my support for Blackwell as half-hearted. I hadn’t heard about his attempts to keep third parties off the ballot in Ohio. That’s another strike against him.

  5. Mr. Blackwell was an enthusiastic supporter of gun rights in Ohio – which set him apart from virtually all of the other statewide GOP office-holders. I cheerfully voted for him when he ran for Governor – the same election in which I voted for the Libertarian over Mike DeWIne because DeWine was a terrible example of a GOP senator.

  6. Mr. Blackwell’s support of gun rights is largely why I liked him. On other issues I think he brings some baggage to the table. Same with Steele. Each candidate had their own strengths and weaknesses. The main thing, in my view, is that Duncan is gone.

  7. Whoa, as an occasional reader, I had no idea things had gotten so nasty between blogs.

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