Outta Here…

So apparently the inability of some of you to read who authors posts means no more guest posting for me.  No, this isn’t coming down as a request, but I’m appalled at how some of you are so ready to personally insult people that you can’t take the time to read an entire post in it’s context, including the author.  So bye.

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  1. Well, once pettiness set in to the point of people actively lying about who said something just to insult Sebastian, I decided it wasn’t worth it. But thank you. I’ll still do some foodie political blogging at Bitchin’ in the Kitchen.

  2. Well, thank you. I just figured that once the blogosphere devolved into discussions of photoshops of Sebastian being strung up and hung from a lamppost over my comments for people to calm down and look at the positives of Steele in regards to the job he’ll actually be doing, things have gone too far for me. At that point, there’s no sanity at all, and there’s no point in trying to contribute to a reasonable discussion.

    But if any discussion can by tied to a recipe, I’ll cover it at the other place. ;)

  3. Dang. Sorry to see you go. It’s understandable.
    But I’ll check the kitchen, because i like to cook AND shoot.

  4. I hate to see you go (again) as well; I had looked forward to reading both your and Sebastian’s thoughts. I haven’t read all the fallout comments from that debacle, but I do hope that you continue to post your mind, no matter what the peanut gallery may say.

  5. Bitter, by all means take a break but please don’t give up sharing your opinions with us. Driving you away is just what the trolls want. Stay, and continue to annoy them. Shouting down the opposition is a cowardly tactic. Speak and you make it fail.

  6. I was wondering if it was me! I found the other site before the election, and enjoyed the posts and discussions there, very thoughtful and not reactionary, sort of an Ed Morrissy of gun blogs. Was then glad to find this, and still enjoy it.

  7. Because someone didn’t catch the small off-colored Author tag (it’s really not obvious, despite what you might think), you’re going to grab your ball and bat and huff off, whilst claiming that people are “actively lying”. FYI, I didn’t know you were posting here until I noticed some posts that weren’t in Sebastian’s writing style and looked at the header. It’s a normal thing to read the title and go directly to the text without looking at the author (especially when it’s well known that you’re visiting a blog written by an individual). Days of our Trailers, f’instance, has both Thirdpower and Melody clearly named in the masthead, a feature that does not appear here.

    If you call people names over the whole “3% vs. the Pragmatists” issue, which you did, you cannot expect folks to not respond in kind. To toss an accusation over your shoulder as you leave only reflects badly on you. Please keep posting over here. I don’t agree with some things you say, but I appreciate hearing from you.

    Like it or not, you’ve become one of the voices in the discussion, and huffing off because somebody said some icky things and misattributed it to Sebastian doesn’t accomplish much more than giving me an insight into your personality that I really didn’t want.

  8. Peter:

    I don’t think it’s so much of a temper tantrum type thing, as not wanting to deal with the same crap that made her stop gun blogging in the first place. If she’s going to get it here too, she’d rather not blog.

  9. Actually, I completely disagree with you on that. It’s pretty obvious to see the author tag, much more so than previous themes here. It’s not too much to ask that someone look at it when they know there are guest bloggers here. There have been guest bloggers here since this blog was started, and it’s been regularly discussed in both comments and posts. If another blogger chooses to ignore that just to take a stab at someone, then that’s actively lying.

    Yes, I will stop posting here because when one person goes so far as to say that when Sebastian becomes a problem, he will start posting photoshops of him dangling from a lamppost, just because I pointed out the actual duties of RNC position, that’s beyond reasonable and sane. At that point, there is no conversation to be had. That crosses any level of civil discourse, and it was clearly framed to insult Sebastian just to insult him as opposed to having a real discussion about the nature of the RNC post and whether or not individual positions matter.

  10. As I mentioned over at my corner of the ‘verse, I am sorry to see you go, and I do hope you reconsider. That said, I completely and absolutely understand your motivations concerning the move, especially considering the individual who precipitated this event. I do not think you should allow one moron to ruin your hobby/blogging, but I understand how it can happen.

  11. “Focus, people – Sebastian isn’t the problem, the problem is that our party is finalizing the act of selling us out wholesale for the votes of the God Squad.” – Caleb

    “Were that true, Caleb, I would have photo-shopped a picture of Sebastian hanging from a lamp post. Sebastian is not the problem. Sebastian represents a type of human response to impending events that is typical throughout history.” – Mike Vanderboegh

    “Yes, I will stop posting here because when one person goes so far as to say that when Sebastian becomes a problem, he will start posting photoshops of him dangling from a lamppost, just because I pointed out the actual duties of RNC position, that’s beyond reasonable and sane. At that point, there is no conversation to be had.” – Bitter

    1) MBV didn’t say he ‘will’, he used the conditional here. Are you suggesting that when a reader misses the author tag it’s deliberate, but it’s OK for you to miss the verb tense? This isn’t DooT, or Volokh Conspiracy, where it’s well known that there are multiple authors. The vast majority of postings here are written by Sebastian, and citing a small percentage of guests as a reason to look at a greyed-out bit of copy doesn’t really fly. It’s not coincedental that folks tend to use “Sebastian”, “SIH”, and “Snowflakes” interchangably. This doesn’t happen when a blog is known to be regularly multi-authored.
    2) This all dates back to the day that Sebastian chose to make an issue of the now-famous Letter To The Editor that Mr. Vanderboegh wrote. “Ye reap as ye sow” and all that. This was a pretty laid-back place before that, as I’m sure you remember. When you call people names and generally impugn them, you cannot really be shocked, shocked I tell you, when they respond in kind. No, it’s not at all ‘adult’ or ‘mature’, but people will be people.

    Since combining your initials results in “S&B”, I have to ask what kind of ammo you use :)

  12. Sad to see you go, Bitter. I enjoyed the extra commentary from you. I’ve found that using an RSS reader makes it much easier for me to ID guest posts.

    Love the food blogging at your own place, BTW.

  13. I agree with Ride Fast … if you’re annoying the people who deserve it, you’re doing something right! I’d like to see you keep on with the intelligent commentary.

    Thanks for what you’ve done, and I hope you return.

  14. Sorry to see you go, but all the nastiness, acriomony and contentious wordplay and grammar-games makes me glad nobody who is”anybody” really visits my blog…

  15. I was appalled at the conversation at that other place, and I only went there in the first place because of a link from Insta. I’ll take yours & Sebastian’s reasoned voices over their craziness any day, thanks.

    Also, iirc, Bitter’s a NRA instructor? Do you do the basic pistol class anyway/interested in doing one? I want to get my first handgun (paperwork should be incoming), but I have NO idea what I want, and I need more than AC’s hour of “hey, this stuff is fun!” to know what I’m looking at. :)

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