Permits Up, Business Booming

In Missouri, we have another standard “gun sales are up” piece, but the local gun shop managed to get a great profile out of the piece in the process.  Based on the photos and the profile, it looks like Target Masters in Columbia is a great place to do business.

In Georgia, there are more reports on increased demand for carry licenses:

Across Georgia, there’s been a dramatic surge in applications for firearm permits, and no sign that the trend is slowing. Statewide, 121,219 applications were submitted in 2008, up 79.2 percent from 67,640 in 2007, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. …

In Cobb County, where Ely and Brown filed their applications, the increase in applications was even more dramatic than it was statewide. Records show permit applications were up in the county by 139.6 percent for 2008, from 3,660 to 8,770.

It caught the eye of Cobb County Probate Judge Keli Wolk on Jan. 2 of this year, her first day in office. By 2 p.m. that day, 71 people had submitted permit applications, Wolk said.

“There are quite a few people in our license area filling out applications at most any time of the day,” she said.

Officials in other counties report a palpable rush. “We literally sometimes have to get deputies to direct our lines,” said Lorraine Stafford, who processes permit applications in Gwinnett County.

Permit applications were up 85.7 percent in Gwinnett, from 3,952 in 2007 to 7,340 in 2008. In the first 15 days of January, another 500 applicants walked through the door, Stafford said.

4 thoughts on “Permits Up, Business Booming”

  1. No surprise. I was at the local gun club this weekend and the classroom where they do CCW was packed. One of the RSO’s and I had a good laugh over the fact that the walls are so bare. On Saturday the entire AR-15 wall… empty. The AK clone / Commie gun wall… empty. The Shotgun wall… had three guns hanging there, out of 20 or so slots. Hell, the class III wall only had one Uzi and one AK-47 left, out of a dozen or so firearms they had up there. All the .50’s… gone. Only pistols seem to be in stock… and Remington 700’s. There were a whole lot of 700’s.

  2. I did my part and bought a gun this weekend. I didn’t find what I was really looking for, but I couldn’t leave the show with nothing.

  3. Target Masters is located in the midst of Missouri liberal country. MU is there with their liberal world-renown School of Liberal Jouralism and Propaganda. Looking at the red/blue map, Columbia is a blue sploch is a sea of red.

    I’ve been to Target Masters. Real nice place. A bit far for my to drive however. KC is closer.

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