Gun Blog Rifle League, Proposed Rules

There does seem to be some interest in a gun blog rifle league, both in small bore and big bore, so I thought I’d start out outlining some rules, and seeing what people think.  First the league is open to anyone.  It’s just we’ll coordinate through blogs.  Second, I won’t be too picky about equipment, since this is mostly for fun and bragging rights.  But let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

Center-Fire Rifle

Any rifle capable of rapid fire qualifies.  Rapid fire is ten shots in sixty seconds.  If you can do this with a bolt action rifle, knock yourself out.  I would suggest a semi-auto though, with a magazine capacity of at least ten.

Other than being more lax on equipment.  Target will be the SR-1 target.  You can buy them at MidwayUSA here.

You will need a shot timer.  A kitchen timer would work fine for this.  Just as long as you have something that will beep when you hit your time limit.

Course of fire will be identical to NRA high power, but we’ll modify it a bit so we only have to use the SR-1 target:

  1. Slow fire, standing, unsupported – 10 rounds in 10 minutes, at single SR-1 target @ 100 yards.
  2. Rapid fire, sitting or kneeling – 10 rounds in 60 70 seconds, at single SR-1 target @ 100 yards.
  3. Rapid fire, prone – 10 rounds in 60 70 seconds, at single SR-1 target @ 100 yards.
  4. Slow fire, prone – 10 rounds in 10 minutes, at single SR-1 target @ 100 yards.

We will have two classes for center fire rifle.  One class for open sights, and one class for optical sights.  Participants can enter in either or both classes, and results will be scored separately.  Participants may make multiple entries in each class, provided a different gun is used.

Smallbore Rifle

Any rimfire rifle of .22 caliber or less.  Rapid fire is not necessary for small bore competitors.  Small bore competition will have three courses of fire.  We’ll be using the NRA A-23/3 50 yard targets.  Match will be 30 shots.

  1. Standing, 10 rounds in 10 minutes at 50 yards.
  2. Kneeling or sitting, 10 rounds in 10 minutes at 50 yards.
  3. Prone, 10 rounds in 10 minutes at 50 yards.

Again, one class for open sights, and one class for scoped rifles.  Multiple entries can be made in a single class if different guns are used.

For both smallbore and center fire, we will generally follow NRA rules, though, I’m not going to get as picky about your rifle or scope.  If your AR has a free floating barrel and a tricked out trigger, fine.  But let’s try to keep it traditional in regards to positions, and equipment other than the gun.  You’ll be able to use slings that are approved for NRA matches in positions for which slings are approved.  Things that help artificially support a position would be out, such as arm braces, wrist braces, and the like.  No bipods in the prone position, etc.  We’re going to depend on the honor system, since this is meant to be fun, and help sharpen our skills.  I’ll trust everyone will keep in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.

I will propose the first match end the last day of summer on Sunday September 21st, 2008, with results being due in by midnight on that day.  Thereafter, seasonal matches will end on the first Sunday after the end of each season.

Let me know what you think of my proposed plan.  We’ll hash it out in the comments, and I’ll start taking info down for people who want to be part of the league.  Perhaps I will make a seperate part of the site to track everything.

21 thoughts on “Gun Blog Rifle League, Proposed Rules”

  1. I like it as proposed. It’s very close to my clubs regular military rifle matches, and that works well for me. One becomes practice for the other.

    I hope it develops over time, and more classes come to light (bolt action/semi, etc)

    Shall reporting be just a total score, individual target scores, and/or photo of targets?

  2. Sounds good to me; I like the 50 yard smallbore category (which is what I’d be shooting anyway).

  3. Well, this will be interesting for me to try… Since the only rifle I own is a 6 round level action – a .308 Savage 99E with rotary, not tube, magazine… On the other hand, if with practice a person could achieve 13 rounds per minute with a rolling block I should be able to do as well. 6 rounds in the mag, 4 on the side loaded as a single shot.

    Our rifle range has some problems with positions. For example prone is done on top of the concrete bench rests. We’ve been in litigation with the county for a couple of years. You see, they think we might be a hazard to the local AFB whose flight paths go nearly or directly over us. Even though the ranges are designed, with berms and overhead rock filled barriers, so that it is VERY difficult to see sky from the line. And as a result, we have some safety rules that others may not have to deal with. All weapons must stay cased until you are at the line. You may only shoot at targets that are attached to target stands that are in your lane of fire and said target stands may not be moved from their emplaced positions. So if you want to shoot at 100, 150 & 200 yd targets you will have to move between 3 lanes. And you have to encase/uncase your weapon each time. It encourages economy and neatness at the line. :)

  4. I shoot the local Highpower matches with my K-31, and just for kicks I do the 10 in 70 (I’m pretty sure it’s 70 seconds, not 60, but I’m open to a rule change for this!). I load a magazine with 6 rounds, take my two sighters in two minutes, and then I do 4, stripper clip reload, and 6 more. I’m usually done before the AR-15 guys are, and up until this last time out (Sunday) rapid sitting was my best position. Generally, they let the bolt guys do two strings of 5 rounds in 60 seconds each locally.

    If possible, I would like to reuse my match targets with tape over old holes and replacement centers (I found a place to print them out, and can post links on my blog). Those targets are $0.40 a piece plus shipping, so I would encourage others to do the same. Would this be a problem?

    My last recommendation is to let us have two sighters in two minutes per position, and then we can just drop the two lowest scores. Some people who are not used to these positions will benefit greatly from this, as they will not know their zero changes from position to position.

  5. Each position gets one target. You need one target for each position for center fire rifle. The small bore target you would only use one, though. Each position has its own bullseye.

    My only concern about recycling targets is that the tape might make scoring a problem. Center replacements would be fine though. I would have no problem with a recycled target, as long as it doesn’t make scoring difficult.

    I’ll have to think about the two sighter shots. I think it’s a good suggestion to help out newbs.

  6. A few questions: any problem using the A23/5, using three of the lower bulls for the positions? and, if so, can we use the sighting bull normally? –10 record shots on each bull, but as many sighters when ever you like on the sighting bull. (My local range has reams of the A23/5, but no A23/3s)

    Is a magazine change required? (2/8 or 5/5) for the rapids? It sounds like no.

    Is single loading required for slow fire?

    For formal high power, it’s 60s for sitting, 70s for prone. (If you meant to make sitting longer than normal, no complaints from me.)

    And a suggestion: maybe add a class using the SR42 and MR31 for the prone stages, if there are enough folks to justify it. I imagine blackfork, and possibly a few others will shoot mid-to-upper 90s standing, a 100-?X sitting, then a 100-10X for both prone stages on the larger SR target.

    Thanks for putting this together. It’ll be nice to have another match after Camp Perry.

  7. I would say if it’s an A23, then it’s fine. Just use as many as you need to complete the match.

    Whether you change a magazine or not is entirely up to you. As long as you complete your shooting in the time period. Feel free to load up with 10 and shoot the whole string if you want. My club bans more than 5 rounds, for god knows what reason, so I will be changing magazines for my strings.

  8. I’ll have to see about the smaller bulls. I kind of wanted to keep the targetage to a minimum for the sake of new shooters. If we have a few guys that shoot perfect scores, we all have something to work toward then :) But in that instance, I might make another class for those who want to shoot the targets. I’m mostly making this for fun and bragging rights.

  9. Aughtsix –

    Let me know when you shoot. We should try to shoot this together (as I’ve never shot a formal high power competition before and want to steal some of your skills)


    The one thing I would mention is that maybe we should also do a “fun compoentent” with different targets.

    Thinking – maybe a high power rifle session into a human silhouette target at 100 yards – 10 shots in 70 seconds. And a small game rimfire session at 50 yards – onto squirrel or chipmunk targets or something else.

  10. [url=]Here’s a good link to the .PDF file for printing out replacement centers.[/url]

  11. I haven’t done any competitive shooting yet, and this seems like the perfect place to start. I’ll be watching for any further info.

  12. Sebastian, this all sounds great. I’ll try to shoot it with the .308 bolty, and I might know where I can bum an M1a to shoot it open sights (never tried it, but what the heck). Positions and distances are no problem out in the desert. I feel for you guys with restrictive ranges.

  13. One quick question:

    “You’ll be able to use slings that are approved for NRA matches in positions for which slings are approved. ”

    Is a Ching Sling acceptable?

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