Get on Board GOP, Fast Eddie Needs Money

Ed Rendell has a message for Republicans:

Governor Rendell said he hoped Republicans wouldn’t oppose the stimulus bill in order to appeal their base:

“These are extraordinary times and it’s not the time to be redefining the party or staking out political ground. It’s time to rally around the needs of the country.”

Except that most of this bloated piece of crap is nothing but a Democratic Party wish list all crammed into one big steaming pile of debt we’ll leave to our kids.  But Ed needs money to pay his cronies he’s putting into high profile positions.  Otherwise, he might have to lay off state workers.  This is clearly no time for the GOP to act like an opposition party!

One thought on “Get on Board GOP, Fast Eddie Needs Money”

  1. The Dems. have more than enough votes to pass this outright.

    The only reason they want Repubs. on board is so they can claim that since the stimulus was passed with bi-partisan support, then the Dems. aren’t to blame when the economy tanks.

    Any Republican that votes for this is a fool. The money given to Acorn alone should be enough to stop any Republican from voting for this abortion.

    But, they don’t call it the stupid party for nothing. Expect quite a few Repubilcans to be bought off err. persuaded.

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