Sticking it to Fast Eddie on Tolls

Congress is moving to restrict tolling on I-80, which was the centerpiece of Rendell’s deal to fund transportation in Pennsylvania.  For once, folks, Congress does something useful!

“The amount of federal money transferred from the state motor license fund to mass transit funds in Pennsylvania is unprecedented compared to the rest of the country, further underscoring the inequity in the state government’s transportation agencies,” said Peterson, a member of the House Appropriations Committee. His congressional district has numerous counties through which I-80 passes.

I don’t doubt that the amount of money is very high.  SEPTA, as an agency, is a total cluster fsck.  They put the M in mismanagement.   So now it looks as if there’s a good chance the feds are going to say no to tolling I-80.  Any day that starts with Ed Rendell getting screwed is a good day in my book!

One Response to “Sticking it to Fast Eddie on Tolls”

  1. One of the two (and only two) advantages Pennsylvania laws have over Indiana’s is that you don’t pay property tax on your vehicle here when you get it registered, like you do in Indiana (if you drive a Mercedes, you pay mucho more bucks for registration than if you drive an F-150). That would generate a lot of revenue for Fast Eddie, though I’m certainly not suggesting it.