3 thoughts on “Don’t Confirm Holder”

  1. Some have said I am nothing but a big mouth bully on the blogs and that I wouldn’t DARE to speak like that face to face. Apparently, the guys saying that just don’t know me very well. I am an IN YOUR FACE guy if I think it’s needed, I am NOT a diplomat, I am an activist!

    Below you will find the exact copies, personal info removed, that I sent to both of my Senators this AM. I don’t cut ANY of these people ANY slack, they work for US.

    Eric Holder is THE biggest danger the gun owners of this nation face…

    He is going to be the one that DOES come after guns and/or ammo. He is the one that will be the *bad guy* and Obama will sit back and smile smugly thru those purple lips and say, “Well, I didn’t go after you gullible gun guys, Holder did!!”

    Just so everyone knows, I DID contact my Senators again.. None will EVER be able to say I didn’t try…

    See my letters to MY Senators at the link below.

    DO NOT Confirm Eric Holder http://texasfred.net/archives/3507.

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