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I’ve decided that Akismet, which is the spam filter that comes with WordPress, is a pile of steaming manure. Does anyone else have a WordPress based spam filter that they could recommend that isn’t annoying? Apparently Akismet is treating both Joe Huffman’s comments, and my pingbacks as spam. I have no idea how it makes these determinations, because it’s a giant black box. There’s no way to tell it that it’s mistaken and have it remember. There’s no white list feature that I can tell. So screw it. I think I’m open to trying something else if anyone has a suggestion.

UPDATE: Looks like they have resolved the problem.  I’ll stick with Akismet for now.  The help is appreciated.

6 thoughts on “Spam Filtering”

  1. Try one of the challenge and response plug-ins. That’s what I use now (with MovableType) and it works great. No spam gets through unless a human being types it in manually (very rare) and I get no false positives.

  2. Sorry about that, I took a look at the problem and it looks like Akismet has already learned from its mistakes that you reported. It should be fine now.

  3. Thanks… I’m still using it… there doesn’t seem to be a good replacement. Will it normally learn from what I tell it?

  4. Yep, that’s the beauty of the system. And if course you if you ever have any problems again you can contact our support on the website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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