Skeptical of Stimulus

Megan McArdle is skeptical the stimulus proposed by Congress is going to do much, and pretty much represents an excuse to push multiple Democratic spending priorities:

Though you wouldn’t think it from the really quite shocking incivility emanating from the pro-stimulus side, the empirical evidence that this works in a large industrial economy like ours is basically nonexistant.  The problem is, we have very, very few examples to test on:  America during the Great Depression, and Japan in the 1990s.  And neither America nor Japan managed to stimulate their way out of their troubles.

Meanwhile, it looks like Boehner is getting the GOP to start acting like Republicans again.

2 thoughts on “Skeptical of Stimulus”

  1. Over $4 Billion of the stimulus dough is going to ACORN, a Democrat voter fraud organization. I like Obama to tell us what they will do for the economy. Nothing, of course. Not even intended to. Just a way to get taxpayers to finance the next bout of Democrat vote stealing.

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