Catch and Release in DC

Women tries to rob a police officer of his gun (stupid move number one), pulls the trigger, gun goes click.  Police end up arresting her, find drugs.  Charged with assaulting a police officer, and carrying without a license.  What does this person get as a sentence?  Three years supervised release.

I should note that Fred asks why she wasn’t charged with attempted murder.  The answer is probably the same Mens Rea thing we talked about a few days ago.  Attempted murder requires proving intent, whereas assault on a police officer, which is a felony carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years under DC Code, is easier case to prosecute.  Of course, it could also be that it was part of her plea deal, to avoid having to take the case to court in the first place, that she would plead guilty to assault on an officer.  Assault on an officer in the DC Code is the same penalty as assault with a deadly weapon, or what would be aggrevated assault in other jurisdictions.

7 thoughts on “Catch and Release in DC”

  1. Nothing against the cop, but I’m wondering why the gun went “Click!” Was the safety still on? Was it unloaded? If the latter, what does that tell us of the training of the police?

  2. Crucis, don’t you know that all guns automatically make a clicking sound the instant they’re drawn from the holster, just like in the movies?

  3. Crucis:

    As Dock pointed out, she was carrying her own gun … and had a bad primer, a high primer, or the thing cocked over an empty chamber.

    The justice system in DC is wholly dysfunctional. And the establishment there asks us to rely on them for our protection.


  4. Prediction: She will be back facing a judge for another serious crime in short order.

    Second Prediction: She will not face serious jail time for that criminal act either.

    Don’t you see, it isn’t the crime or the criminal that needs punished! It is society, which allowed her to fail so badly….

    And that is why I no longer live in Maryland, with a commute to DC.

  5. And yet they were going to throw the book at that Marine who had to stop in DC and had a pistol.

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