8 thoughts on “Republican Whores”

  1. I’d have to say, if there is one group of people who are probably REALLY all about keeping the fruits of their labors, it would be that demographic.

    If we work until May to pay our taxes, it brings new meaning to getting screwed by the government.

  2. Somehow, I doubt that someone charging $500 an hour is the costliest whore in Chicago.

  3. We only know about her party affiliation because the Obama-Sun Times newspaper of Chicago gleefully chose to report it. I really doubt this newspaper and other liberal rags bothered to mention the political leanings of Heidi Fleiss and Ashley Dupree when their names first gained notoriety.

  4. Yeah, but who’d pay all that money for a hooker that you knew was a Democrat? That stuff might be contagious.
    Alright, I admit it, that was cheap. Fun, though.

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